It’s always a good time to have ice cream. Why not make it super yummy, super easy and not-at-all sinful?

Berries are incredibly good for our bodies. They are low in calories and extremely high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are disease-fighting substances that slow down the oxidation of molecules, a natural process that happens during normal cell activities. When molecules in our bodies oxidise, they create free-radicals which, in excess, can damage cellular structures and are a major contribution to diseases and aging. This is where Superfood, berries, come into the picture. Humble as they are, berries are jam-packed with body-healing antioxidants that can help repair the damage created by these free-radicals.


4      frozen medium bananas
1 ½    cup frozen mixed berries
3      tbsp coconut butter
½      tsp vanilla extract


  1. Put all ingredients into a high speed blender and blend for a few minutes until it resembles ice cream!
  2. Enjoy the soft-serve if eaten immediately, otherwise send to freeze and eat as a frozen ice cream treat!